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5080   Customs agencies - Freight (16)
SEE ALSO: 5000 - Road haulage
5010 - River transport
4120 - E - Cargo - Cargo Express

Services: international move. Packaging. Furniture in the short, medium and long term

AGS Frasers Kinshasa is 100% owned by the AGS Group. Being part of a moving company that is among the world leaders allows us to benefit from a single network, the AGS network. The Relocation company is present in 128 cities and 80 countries. We also benefit from the AGS experience and operational and management systems already in place. These systems include established processes to standards atuit, strict cliainternes and according to the most prestigious accreditations standards. For this reason, AGS Frasers Kinshasa is known to be one of the best movers in the DRC.
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Agency AGS Frasers Kinshasa: Julien Porcher
Email: manager-kinshasa@agsmovers.com - Tel: 250 +

Contact agency AGS Frasers Lubumbashi: Alain Yves
Email: manager-lubumbashi@agsmovers.com - Tel: + - Port: 243

Katanga Province
Akanda SARL is an official freight forwarder customs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The performance and speed within the required time our services have earned Akanda SARL credibility in the mining and commercial field to the great satisfaction of all. Akanda SARL offers the services to import and export logistics by having a consistent means for the delivery of goods and parcels to the operating sites. Offices in Lubumbashi (head office), Kinshasa, Kasumbalesa Sakania Kolwezi and Matadi.

Address:Lumumba Avenue 1801
C / Kampemba Lubumbashi

Grace Nkimba

Cox Muyangi
Commercial director

Anicet Kabemba

- Representation Maritime: Maritime Officer designated by the Congolese government in the oil sector: Trafigura - Orion - Total - Glencore - Perenco
- Customs agency, transit, customs clearance of goods
- Bonded warehouses in Lubumbashi, Matadi and Kinshasa
- Port handling, cranes PPM
- Travel agency Lubumbashi.

DG: Avenue Airmen, 13 - Kinshasa
Reception: Phone: + -


Adresse: Avenue de la Douane 3835, Kinshasa Gombe
E-mail : info@aspencongo.com


Adresse: Avenue de la Poste, 14
Tél. +243
E-mail : info@aspencongo.com

Adresse : Avenue Victime de la rébellion n°13, Bel Air/Kampemba
Tél. +243
E-mail : info@aspencongo.com

Tél. + +242.068.877.171
E-mail : kitoko@aspencongo.com


Tél. +
Email : kitoko@aspencongo.com


Tél. +

Email : wumba@aspencongo.com

betadistribution - customs agency - sea and air transit customs agent - air freight management - logistics

Aéroport International de Kinshasa (Ndjili)
Tél. : +
Fax : +
E-mail : fih@cargolink-congo.com
Contact : Station Manager : Carlos ACHKAR


ADDRESS : 52 Mwepu Avenue, Building Mulongo Misha,
Lubumbashi, Katanga Province.

Jacques Mulongo Coco - Director - (243) 818 751 586 and 0995381516.
True Mulimbi - Declaring - (+243) 810 806 818 and 0995227986.

Customs agency for import and export, approved by OFIDA 0128 under the number.
Consultants in mining and immobilère construction.
Logistics, import of fresh food.
Performances in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Matadi and Kasumbalesa.

GTM - Groupe Transport MultimodalADRESSE: Avenue Good Year n° 3116, 17ème rue/Poids Lourds, Kingabwa, Kinshasa LimeteTEL. : (+243) 99 80 18 900 - (+243) 89 89 30 708 - secretariatgtm@gtmdrc.comCONTACTS:Directeur GénéralPierre-Stephane ChabertDirecteur FinancierSven De Jongh+243 97 00 60 013sdejongh@gtmdrc.comDirecteur d’ExploitationDave Behar+243 99 50 28 603davebehar@gtmdrc.comAssistant Directeur ExploitationAnthony Kabongo+243 99 100 25 03akabongo@gtmdrc.comDépartement commercialYannick Malu+243 99 10 02 512ymalu@gtmdrc.comDépartement logistique: Joseph Plessers+243 99 96 06 561dlog@gtmdrc.comResponsable des opérationsRoger Ilanga+243 99 10 02 507rilanga@gtmdrc.comWeb site : www.gtmdrc.comACTIVITES: Transitaire et Agence en Douane, société appartenant à SALAMANDER IMPORT EXPORT LTD et représentant de ECULINE, BRUCARGO, PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINE (PIL) et UPS en R.D.CongoNos stations en R.D.C sont à Kinshasa, Matadi, Lubumbashi, Boma, Muanda, Goma, Kananga, Mbuji-Mayi, Tshikapa, Bukavu, Gemena, Beni, Bunia, Kolwezi, et autres.

Official Freight Forwarder Democratic Republic of Congo
Freight - Express mail - Air Freight - Travel Agency - Customs - Customs Licensed Warehouse.

KINSHASA Boulevard of June 30, Interfina Building, 1st floor, next to the Rawbank - Kinshasa Gombe
TEL. : 0818128664 - 0998603081 to 0820348081
EMAIL: npp@gtsexpress.cd
MATADI : 17, avenue Major Vangu / Province of Bas-Congo
Email: gtsmatadi@mat-ic.cd
LUBUMBASHI : Crossing Avenue Kabila and Lomani, 6. Katanga Province
Email: dirlub@gtsexpress.cd

ADDRESS Av Shangungu 8.
Q. Industrial / Lubumbashi - Katanga
TEL. (243) 812 653 440
EMAIL :mercury@ic-lubum.cd


- Official Forwarders for Belex Air Freight S.A. Brussels.
- Air-freight services between Brussels and Lubumbashi
- Imports of fresh food for Belex Cargo SA We provide embassies, hotels restaurants, retailers and wholesalers cheeses, dairy products, meats, meat, fish, molluscs, confectionery, chocolates, ice cream, baked goods, condiments, spices, canned food, beverages, tobacco, perfumes.
- Weekly transport all types of cargo from all Belgian airports: Zaventem - Ostend - Liege - Charleroi.
- Weekly Air Freight forwardings from all airports Belgium: Zaventem - Ostend - Liège -Charleroi.

Visit our website: www.belex.com

Address: Avenue Mama Yemo 1012, Lubumbashi - Katanga
- Claude Kalenga - (+243) 997 015 823 -claudekalenga2011@gmail.com
- Cisse Samgwa Kasongo (+243) 810018813 -cissekasongo@yahoo.fr

SCORE has a mission to provide an adequate response to the needs of its customers in terms of customs operations and remain permanently at the forefront of knowledge in this field. We offer a solution in different areas such as the formalities related to the import, export, transit or statements on the full extent of the DRC.
Adresse : Avenue Tombalbaye n°44 - 48 Immeuble ACP 1er étage. Kinshasa - Gombe
Tél. : (+243)998303253
Fax : (+243)813016645 - B.P. 2464 Kin I
Courriel : socodam@hotmail.com - socodam@ic.cd - socodam2005@yahoo.fr

Contacts :
Jean-Paul DAMBANA - Administrateur Directeur général - Tél. : 0999916667 - 0818143951
Jean KAZUBA - Coordianateur régional nord-est - Tél. : 0999983316
Samy MIKOBI DIBUBA - Coordonateur - Tél. : 0999915270
Visitez notre site web : www.socodam.com

Created in 2006, Storex is the fruit of a joint venture with the international freight A. Hartrodt which operates worldwide with a workforce of over 950 people. Hartrodt offers a full range of international freight forwarding services for import and export.

This includes sea and air groupage; transportation by sea and air containers; customs clearance; storage; insurance (marine and local transportation); the "Door to Door" air and sea; major industrial projects and other ancillary services related to international transport. This applies to shipments of very small dimensions up capital goods and cargo charter.

Route Heavyweight 33bis, Kinshasa Gombe, Democratic Republic of Congo
Phone: + & +
E-mail :info@storex-rdc.com / Web:www.storex-rdc.com
Trade Service SPRL is a company that operates in the field of services for several years. It was created in order to allow other companies to no longer be concerned about the long discussions with utilities.
Trade Service provides expert services in the field of mining, taxation, customs and many other areas. The expertise ofTrade Service also extends in the field of various studies.
Trade Service has the best contacts at all levels with the different state services of the Democratic Republic of Congo to make you the best possible service.
Our representative offices across the country offer our customers a welcoming environment and our staff of experts in the various areas of our business, listens carefully to the specific needs of our customers.
Moreover, as freight, whether transport by road, sea or air,Trade Service provides (with partner companies) the delivery and customs clearance of your goods in record time.
Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and concerns.
We hope to serve you and thus contribute to the growth of your business.
Trade Service SPRL
Moero Avenue, corner Adoula 194 - Lubumbashi
Tel .: +243 99 701 5137

Your partner for air cargo worldwide from Kinshasa via Istanbul.
Address: 1st floor of the rotunda - International Airport Ndjili - Kinshasa
Phone: +243.81.522.33.36 - Email:thy@cargolink-congo.com
Turkish Cargo:http://www.turkishcargo.com.tr/cargo/index.aspx