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Vols internationaux entre Kinshasa et:

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3505   Laboratoire d'analyse de minerais (1)
VOIR AUSSI : 3500 - Equipements et produits pour l'industrie minière

Robinson International Afrique Sarl

Adresse : Avenue Ditu 8083 - Lubumbashi
Tel : +243.81.708.46.07
E-mail :

Contact :
Xavier “Jack” de Longueville
Director - +243.81.708.46.07 -

Our services :
- Sampling Analysis of Minerals (Metals & Ores)
- Analysis of New & Used Lube Oil
- Analysis for Environmental Reports (Soil & Water)
- Issuing of Export and Orientation Certificates from the DRC
- Cargo Inspection.

Robinson International Afrique Sarl (RIA) operates the only accredited ISO 17025 laboratory in the DRC and is a part of the Robinson International Group that operates worldwide.Our philosophy is to be of total independence and impartiality. As such, Robinson International Afrique does not become involved in trading, manufacturing, transportation, shipping, insurance or any other activities, which could be construed to affect our independence or impartiality.Our laboratory in Lubumbashi is accredited ISO 17025 by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) and is opened since 2005. We are currently in the process of starting operations in Zambia and South Africa.

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