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3152   Production of bottled water - Water (7)
SEE ALSO: 3150 - Breweries - Limonaderies
AFRICAN FOODS & BEVERAGESAvenue des entrepôts n°3 - Kinshasa KingabwaProduction de :- Eau minérale Paani en bouteilles PET : 0,6L & 1,5L.- Boissons gazeuses : Zen Tangawisi, Zen Orange, Zen Cola, Zen Lemon, Zen Grenadine.- Boisson énergisante : Torro- Spiritueux : Vodka VISNOFF, Whisky BANDE ROUGE, Gin GORDHANS, Pastis ROYALE.Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/AfricanFoodsAndBeveragesContacts :- Mr Irfan Naqvi + (WhatsApp)irfan.afb@gmail.com- Mr Ravi + Mr Sujal + Premnath KARKERA - Directeur général+ - prem@zenufa.com- Vishal Visani+ - vishal@zenufa.com

Address: Avenue du Bassin 83/12 to Batam Makiso - Kisangani
Email: grandramalahotel@yahoo.fr
Contacts: Christian - (+243) 970 027 431 - (243) 853 146 955

Production of pure and natural mineral water.

Address: 19 8th Street, Industrial area
Kinshasa Limete
Tel. (243)
- Sarfaraz Samnami - (243)
- Shamshu Ajani - (243)

Production and bottling PET mineral water AQUA KOOL.

ADDRESS: 7666 Avenue des Brasseries, Kingabwa - Limete
Tel. (243) 970 008 913 - (243) 997 578 578
- Deputy CEO: Laurent Lescuyer
- General Secretary: Edouard Lokale
- Administrative and Financial Director: Julien Flécheux
- Sales and Marketing Director: Gilles Vanderweerde
- Sales Director: Justin Malonda
- Technical Director: Gérard Félizas
- Director of Information Systems José Bukedi
Production, bottling of the following drinks:
Beers : Skol, Doppel, 33 Export, Tembo, Castel Beer, Nkoyi blonde, Nkoyi Black, Beaufort Lager
Soft drinks : Djino, Top Energy and XXL.
Waters Water vive.-

Sale wines and champagnes Castel: cf. "La Clé des Châteaux "Located on the boulevard of 30 June 64, in front of the BIAC. Tel. : 0992001920 - 0999942060. E-mail: lacledeschâteaux@bracongo.cd


Kinshasa - Boma - Matadi - Kisangani - Bukavu - Lubumbashi


ADDRESS Avenue of Flag 1, Kinshasa - Barumbu.

CONTACT : Department of Communication - (+243) 998 244 741

ACTIVITIES Production and distribution of marks:
Primus, Turbo King, Mutzig, Heineken, Legend, Maltina, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Vital'O, Schweppes.

Visit our website:www.bralima.net

La BRASIMBAest une société brassicole ayant son siège à Lubumbashi au Katanga, en République Démocratique du Congo. C'est une filiale du groupe CASTEL, leader dans l'industrie brassicole en Afrique francophone. Elle possède des sites de production à Lubumbashi, Kolwezi, Mbuji-Mayi, Kananga et BeniService Réponse aux consommateurs:+243.972.600.015Service Fêtes: +243.970.013.712Directrice Grands comptes: +243.970.013.607.Marques et produits :Bières: Simba, Castel Beer, Beaufort Lager, 33 Export, Sankayi, Tembo, Doppel Munich, Guiness.Alcool Mix: Booster Pina Colada, Booster Whisky ColaBoissons gazeuses: Djino, Fresco, Malta.Eaux minérales: Cristal 50 et 150 clVins Castel: Les meilleurs vins de France et les meilleurs champagnes au meilleur prix, disponibles à la Clé des Châteaux.lacledeschateaux@brasimba.comSite web : www.brasimba.comSuivez-nous sur :

The Hyper Psaro group was created in 1992 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lubumbashi, and currently has offices in Lubumbashi, Kinshasa and a large part of the southern region of the DRC. The group is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of fuel and lubricants and is active in the fields of import and trade of raw materials, agriculture and transport. We have branches and subsidiaries in Johannesburg, South Africa, in Athens, Greece and Brussels in Belgium and we employ over 1500 people.

Kinshasa: HYPER PSARO sarl
Distributor of cans of Coca-Cola and Unilever products.
Av. Armed Forces / BC. Gombe.
Contact: Antonis Filippidis.
Such. +

Head Office:
Mzee Kabila floor 17 - Lubumbashi
Reception: +
Website :www.psaro.com